Scholar Athlete Wins Award

scholar DANVILLE - Travis Grosse, a senior at Danville High School, was recently awarded as one of the top ten scholar athletes in the state of Vermont.

He's been able to maintain a 3.8 GPA through his senior year, as well as being a sport athlete. He plays baseball and soccer for the high school.  Most of the athletes honored were associated with division one, two, and three in Vermont, which created a little chip on the shoulder for Grosse.

 "I looked up there and I saw all the big name schools like the CVUS, the Essex, the Rutlands, all the D-1 schools, and I was like alright, this would be pretty sweet if a division four kid got this award as well, so that's what really motivated me," said Grosse.

This year's Positive Coaching Alliance awards (PCA) Triple-Impact Competitor Scholarship Program was won by Grosse and one aother student, they are the only two award winners that come from Caledonia County.

His mother, Jill Cahoon said, "As a mom you just can't be any more proud than you know for him to have received that award and standing there with you know nine other scholars was pretty amazing."

Grosse was also able to receive a first team all mountain league award as well as the most valuable player of the league durring his socccer season.