Staying Homegrown at the Danville School

downloadDANVILLE-  The Danville School has seen some good things this year, including a rise in enrollment. However, there is one issue with that enrollment. Some students that graduate eighth grade at the Danville School have chosen to go else where for high school. 

In the ninth grade class alone, there are eleven students who reside in Danville, while nineteen students come from out of town. These “out of town” students pay tuition to attend Danville, as it is a private school.

Principal Karen Hoffman thinks there are a number of reasons why these students choose private schools like Lyndon Institute and St. Johnsbury Academy instead of Danville’s. “We have parents who have expressed interest in diversity of the student body, which those schools have; there’s lots of reasons and all good reasons of course.”

The school and Hoffman try to tailor the program the best that they can to fit those students’ needs, whether it be bringing in exchange students or offering college courses. The program currently has three exchange students and offers courses from the Community College Of Vermont (CCV) and Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU). Hoffman states that these decisions on where to attend high school can be made as far as three years in advance.

Most of the after-school programs are limited in the sense that there is not a lot of transportation for after-school activities, meaning some of those clubs meet during the school day to give access to those clubs for everyone.

In regards to athletics at the Danville School, the enrollment topic has not had a full effect on the athletic program, but the program itself has had its own issues. There are a number of teams especially girls sports teams that have had to pull up eight graders to play for them. 

“It’s a great experience for the eighth graders,” said Athletic Director Randy Rathburn, “its not an ideal situation but the eighth graders have done great.”