Bad Weather Won't Stop Corn Maze

corn maze1psdDANVILLE- The Great Vermont Corn Maze has seen its fair share of tourists, families, and couples from all over New England and even from around the world.

Located on Wheelock Road off of Route 2 in Danville, the maze has been constructed in several different sizes, shapes, and has emulated many images in its almost two decades of existence. Although the weather hasn’t been great to start off the month of the September, the last couple of days have seen some improvement. If there is one thing about the attraction, it is that any form of weather will not stop folks from coming out.

 Being the largest corn maze in New England, the several acres of land presented obstacles not only for the casual maze-goer, but for the maze fanatic as well. One man, originally from the Boston area, was on vacation in Montreal and were making his way back to the States, when he stopped through Danville along with his wife to complete the maze.

“We’ve been here for almost two hours and we are not done yet,” he said. “It is definitely impressive how big it is.”

Someone looking for a maze to complete won’t even dare to attempt the Great Vermont Corn Maze because of the numerous challenges it presents. It leaves some visitors questioning their instincts.

“You realize that you’re walking back into sections that you’ve been before because you will recognize some of them, but you’re like how did we get back here right," one visitor said. "That's the tricky part."

Once the maze is completed, and you ring the “Bell of Success” at the end, there is not only a sense of relief, but also a feeling of accomplishment. “

"We did the most of the maze that anybody could possibly do I think, and we collected most of all the stamps… it was good,” one woman in a group of four said.

For more on the Great Vermont Corn Maze, watch the video below.



Great Vermont Corn Maze from NewsLINC on Vimeo.