Slippery Conditions

truck off roadCONCORD- One of the dangers that winter brings is the slick and slippery road conditions. Monday morning in Concord one couple found themselves experiencing one of winter's more dangerous effects.

State police and fire were called to the report of a truck, owned by Concord resident Richard Benedict, had slid off Leonard Hill road in Concord.


Benedict says that "We were coming down going into town, and we started down the slope here were going slow. We both had our seat belts on, and all of a sudden the truck went into a slide, slid to one side of the road, bounced off the bankment, and slid over to here and this is where we wound up in the ditch."

Drivers can take all the precaution they want to but that does not always mean that they are guaranteed that nothing will happen. In Benedict's case he was driving cautiously, and the road had been recently sanded, but that did not stop Benedict's truck from hitting a slippery spot on the snow and losing all traction.

"It just lost control. It was like the truck was on a piece of grease and there was no control. Usually you steer into a slide, you know to get yourself out. Well it happened so quickly there was no steering," Benedict said.

There are a few important things that drivers should be aware of to help prevent any car accidents this winter. First drivers should slow down when there is the possibility that ice is on the roads. Secondly, keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you. Thirdly stay off cruise control and don't slam on your breaks. Lastly, and most importantly, always wear your seatbelt.

"Thank god we both had our seat belts on. My wife's head would have went and hit that windshield, or my head would have hit that windshield," Benedict said.

"It goes to show that like I said he was only going ten to fifteen miles an hour. You can lose control of a vehicle at low speeds, so just drive safe, go slow, and get where you're going alive," said Sean Brennan of Concord.

It was a lucky day for the Concord couple as they avoided an injury, as well as a lesson that we can all learn from when we head out to drive this winter.