Powder Day in Burke

BurkeBURKE - Skiers and riders were excited to break in a fresh ten inches of powder on Burke Mountain today. The slopes were exceptionally busy for a Thursday afternoon, as local skiing enthusiasts flocked to the mountain. Music was playing, beers were slinging, and everyone was happy to be out on a bonus winter day.


One skier taking full advantage of the snow was Gideon Morton of St. Johnsbury. "Yesterday, everyone at the school was talking about how it was going to be a snow day. So my immediate thought was to go to the mountain because the conditions have been pretty icy. So the extra snow has been really good." 

Gratitude for the additional powder was felt among many today, and according to Morton, it was neccessary to get the mountain through the remainder of their season.

"For the past few weeks I've been coming up pretty regularly and people were already starting not to ski as much because of the conditions. But there's a bunch of people out here today."

At this point, Burke intends to stay open until April 15th.

As of 1:00 p.m., the mountain was looking at ten inches of snow, with five of those inches accumulating after the lifts had opened in the morning. This continuous snowfall allowed for both the Gap and Lower Foxes Folly to open up throughout the day, resulting in a total of 29 open trails.

For those who were unable to make it out to Burke today, weather forecasts predict the snow to continue throughout the night, making for another great day of skiing tomorrow.