Second Alpine Ski Race Championship Hosted at Burke Mountain

alpine2East Burke - The past two days at Burke Mountain have been filled with competition and excitement as the Vermont State Alpine Ski Championship has taken place. This is the second year that Lyndon Institute has hosted the alpine race at Burke Mountain. More specifically, the race has taken place on Burke's renown race and Olympic training hill, Warren's Way.


Athletic director at Lyndon Institute Paul Wheeler expressed the school's gratitude toward Burke Mountain Academy for lending their facility to Lyndon as well as other race programs around the state. In addition, Wheeler mentioned the excellent work of Lyndon's alpine race coaches who are a large part of the Viking racer's success.

"I am very fortunate because our coaching staff does a lot of the ground work for something like this, including the prep of the course and handling coaches' meetings. We have a great timing crew, this is a great venue for the high school state championship."

Lyndon Institute's Lena Sauter stood out in both the GS and slalom races as she took first place on both Monday and Tuesday. For the GS race, her first-place score was 52.86 seconds for her first run and for her second, 52.40 seconds. Combined she tallied a total time of 1:45.26.

For slalom racing, Sauter's second run was superior in time to her first. Her first run was clocked at 39.68 seconds and her second timed in at 45.38 seconds. Combined she finished with a time of 1:25.06. Her time was two seconds shorter that second place finisher Kelly Gebhardt of Woodstock academy.

Athletic Director Wheeler was very passionate about the cohesiveness of Lyndon's athletes regarding their hard work on and off the race hill. Wheeler mentioned that this is the case with all sports at Lyndon, however alpine racers are extremely studious.

"It's a proven fact that students that are involved in extracurricular and cocurricular activities generally do better academically. We certainly find that to be the case. In terms of alpine ski racing, we find that many of these kids are very good students."

For the Saint Johnsbury Academy Hilltoppers, both days on the race hill proved to be a success. On the day of the GS race, the Hilltoppers had four skiers in the top 20 which bumped them to a 36-point lead. As for the slalom alpine race, Saint Johnsbury played it cool and recorded some substantial times. Five of six skiers for the Saint J team put down flawless runs putting them in place for winning two titles for this year's Alpine ski championship.

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