How Does VTRANS Eliminate Flooding Risks When it Rains in Winter?

ThumbnailTemplateDONOTSAVEOVER copy 2ST. JOHNSBURY - With the active winter that we have had so far, VTRANS has been quite busy. Their duties, however, extend further than just dealing with snow.

The rainy weather that we have had this week has allowed VTRANS to work on pushing back snowbanks, and also make sure the drainage grates are clear. Cleaning the grates is an intensive process that is more than just clearing snow off of the grates. Sometimes the pipes ice up and get clogged on the inside.

"We actually have a culvert thawer that sends high pressure hot water through to unclog them, and we also use some calcium chloride, that that actually will melt the ice so we can get the water flowing," explained Gary McGinnis, a senior maintenance worker at VTRANS District 7.

Without this step, a lot more of the streets you drive during your daily commute could be flooded. This of course lowers the risk of flooding overall, which can be especially crucial in low lying, flood prone areas.

McGinnis mentioned that some of the particularly tricky areas are the intersection of Routes 5, 122, and 114 in Lyndonville, as well as the Calendar Brook Bridge by the Park and Ride off of Route 122. However sometimes it can be a struggle to not have flooding so remember to 'turn around, don't drown!'



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