THC Tax?

green mountain growAROUND THE NEK - The office of the Attorney General is looking to impose a tax on the sale of Recreational Cannibus within the state. While this is very interesting considering that the sale of Recreational Cannibus is still illegal in the state of Vermont, the new imposed tax would mean bringing THC into the states economy and law. 

TJ Donovan addresed the senate committee on January 31st, and stated that he'd like to see the sale of Recreational Marijuana within the state, and that the Legislation is calling for a 10% tax on all recreational sales. The hope of creating this tax is so the state government will be willing to pass Cannibus into law for the recreational sale so that the state can start collecting additional money, and so that there is less of a vail between law enforcement and those who acquire Cannibus illegally. "We can't tell Vermonters that they can possess and be silent on how you obtain it," Donovan said, "When we are silent, you're going to have an abuse of that system."


While the law has created a system in which Vermont residents can possess specific amounts of Cannibus, there is still no laws in place as to how Vermonter's can acquire said pariphenalia legally. This has caused issues for both law enforcement as well as Vermont residents. The new law would allow for stores and outlets to sell Cannibus to anyone of legal smoking age, and quite a few CBD outlets in the area are very interested to see where the bill goes from here. "We already sell an assortment of CBD and planting products," explained Ray Dauphinais, owner of Green Mountain Grow, "If Cannibus became legal to sell recreationally, not only do I see my business soaring to new heights, I can also safely assume that it would positively affect quite a few businesses in the area."

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