NPT Partners with NVRH

nptnvrhmergeLYNDONVILLE- Today Northern Physical Therapy and Northern Vermont Regional Hospital have officially merged together. Both organizations are looking forward to the partnership because it is a way to develop more meaningful and effective plans of care for their patients.


Jennifer McCormack Owner of NPT says, "14 and a half years ago we started Northern Physical Therapy with the premise of very consciously making it a place could go to to get not just the physical well being help, but also being a place where people feel comfortable and feel like they are part of a partnership in their healthcare. And this partnership with NVRH is allowing it to do just that ."

Betty Ann Gwatkin the Chief Human Resources Officer at NVRH says,"What NVRH will do is, we'll provide some support, some background support such as a new medical record system and a billing system. But the patients who come here and will continue to come here won't see any changes in personnel or anything like that."

And Jesse Dimick the Clinical Director at NPT believes the partnership will shorten the process for getting in touch with the hospital regarding mutual patients care. "I think being included in the NVRH network will create more seamless plans of care for our patients. Just having the direct access and direct line of communication with the physicians and being on their network will allow us to access information quicker than we had been able to in the past."

One part of NPT that won't change even with the partnership is the late Dr. Ben McCormack's practice philosophy and service to the community. Gwatkin says, "Ben did an incredible job building this practice, we don't see any need to change anything. They have very loyal patients and a lot of our staff are friends and patients here as well. It's a big part of the community here, there's really no reason to change anything.'

Dimick who worked for Dr. McCormack for about two years said, "Everyone shares the same emotional and physical intelligence that he valued in everybody. That doesn't change, you know everybody's still here. Our treatment approaches are the same, where still one on one and we still care about everyone that comes."

And Jennifer McCormack, Ben's wife says sh's thankful for the community during the process. "As this transition is happening , I just have reflected a lot on how thankful I am for the last 14 and a half years. For the community and our employees and for NVRH becoming part of the partnership now."

The partnership will continue to carry on Dr. McCormack's vision and bring the community closer together.

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