Danville School celebrates Veteran's Day

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V-day Danville SchoolDANVILLE-The Danville School held a Veteran's Day celebration this morning for students and community members to enjoy. Guest speaker Joshua Mitchell came to speak about his experiences while in the military.


The morning started out with the local boy scouts carrying the American flag and the Vermont flag around the gym followed by the National Anthem. Students also said poems about Veteran's day and then had a video about Veteran's Day to show students what the military does everyday to sacrifice our country.

"It's very powerful to be able to get people to come together and talk get them to understand what it is so we don't lose sight of that because it's definitely issues with our generation to understand the concept of Veteran's Day and why we still celebrate it. I think it's important for people and for the younger generations to keep serving our country. I want to go into the National Guard and I want to do that because it will allow me to stay closer to home, " said student Timothy White.

Mitchell spoke about his experience with talking to people and informing them about Veteran's Day and what it truly means.

"So for me it's just passing on knowledge it's not all about just shiny lights and flashing strokes it's about just letting people know that we are all normal people and we didn't sign up for this for any special reason, we signed up for it because we wanted to, said Mitchell.

Mitchell spoke about his experiences in the military and what made him want to be in the military as well.

I've been deployed about six times, I've been to all variety parts of the world been in the Middle East, Asia, Europe and all around the world and seen a lot things and met a lot of good people. I come from a military family, my great grandfather was in the army, my grandpa was in the army, my dad was in the navy I decided to be different and go into the air force.

I just want to thank Sargent Mitchell for coming in, it was very cool he's actually I know him very well so it's cool to hear him speak in front of everybody engaged in the way he did so I just want to thank him one more time and I'm glad we were able to have him hold the ceremony at our school, said Timothy White.

Veteran's Day became a holiday in 1918.