Saint Johnsbury & Danville Poll Coverage

VOTE VTST JOHNSBURY & DANVILLE – November 6th, otherwise known as nation-wide election day, may have been a dark and dismal day weather-wise in the Northeast Kingdom. However, it was an important day for voters who hoped to see the change they would like to see at a local and federal level.


Polls in St Johnsbury and Danville were quite busy in the early part of the day, and kept a steady flow of voters in and out throughout the day. Like most would expect, the busiest hours were from 5-7 o'clock in the evening as people filed their way into both towns' municipal halls to fulfill their civic duty.

Voters were very vocal about what they thought was important to address in this year's election. Many concerns are regarding the high taxes and expense of living in Vermont. One of the specific tax increases that Vermonters are afraid of is the carbon tax, which taxes heating resources such as heating oil to firewood.

Inflated carbon taxes were not the only thing that East St Johnsbury Resident Barbara Laramie had qualms about, she believes the minimum wage should not increase either. She added that money needs to stay within the state, and that Vermont is losing residents because of the high tax rates for the explained reasons.

"I started at five dollars an hour, and I was glad for it. I mean, what is wrong with starting from the bottom and working your way up? Isn't that the American Dream?"

What was deemed to be important in this election was a similar opinion shared by both St Johnsbury and Danville voters. Danville resident John Moore emphasized the importance of voting in small communities, because each vote counts for more.

"Since I've been able to vote I've missed, maybe ya know, one poll. Small communities, your vote counts more and thats something the youth needs to understand."

In addition, with the previous administration gone, Moore feels as though federal spending has mellowed out and it is important to keep this in mind on a state level as well.

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