1.6 Billion Dollar Mega Million Jackpot Breaks Records

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Capture.JPG2LYNDONVILLE- Sales for lottery tickets are through the roof across the country, at Nick Gas N' Go are up 1,7000 in the last week due to a historic Mega Million Jackpot of 1.6 billion dollars. During a normal week people tend only buy a few tickets at time, here and there. But, when the jackpot is this big, players play even bigger.

Bryanna A store clerk and works on the books at Nicks Gas N' Go said, "Friday night, I had I think three people that come in and bought over $100 in tickets, and that never happens. I mean, MegaMillions is maybe one or two tickets at a time type thing, but this time people were a lot more invested".
To play, customers must pay in cash. Tickets are just two dollars a piece, and with an additional dollar, customers can upgrade their tickets to a Megaplier ticket. Which if a customer wins, their prizes gets multiplied, except for the jackpot.

According to National Mega Millions, the October 19th drawing pulled 12,446,690 winning ticket and no one hit the jackpot. Allowing the jackpot to sore over 1.6 billion dollars with the choice of a cash prize just shy of the billion dollar mark at $905 million. The odds of winning even just small part of this gold is a 1 in 24 odds, and for the jackpot players are looking at 1 in 303 million a chance to win.

The last time a lottery Jackpot was over the billion dollar mark was back in 2016 when the Powerball Jackpot reached $1.586 Billion. The winning tickets where purchased in California, Florida, and Tennessee. A Vermonter has not won a single record breaking Lottery Jackpot in the last jackpots to break the record.

Bryanna hope that this time the luck will be different for a local, she even hopes that its one of the tickets sold from her store. She says that it would be nice to have such a prize come from such a small store.

The drawing for this record breaking prize takes place Tuesday, October 23rd