Fall Stewardship Day at the Barnet School

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downloadBARNET— Students and faculty from the Barnet Elementary School took part in a semi annual “Fall Stewardship Day” on their campus located on Kid Row off of exit 18. 


As part of their ‘Educating Children Outside,” or ECO, initiative students were able to use the entirety of the warm, sunny day to step away from the traditional classroom setting. 

Before the stewardship program was initiated, students participated in what was formerly known as garden day as part of the curriculum. Now it has expanded to all 92 acres of land— where the task at hand is to help refurbish the faculty.

14 different work groups, consisting of a mix of the Barnet Elementary School community, dispersed throughout the school to complete jobs such as tending to their resident chickens and the chicken coop, baking cookies in the outdoor oven, painting various spots on the sidewalks and parking lot, as well as sprucing up the bike and nature trails. 

Sue Persson, music director at the school, was the brains behind the operation. 

“Kids love to go outside,” said Persson. “The work that we do takes care of our school and it’s really popular.”

Persson stated some of the projects that were the favorite amongst the students were picking and washing apples to put in a churn— making apple cider, along with splitting and stacking wood to build a shed. 

The success of this program would not have been possible without the help of fellow faculty members, including Principal Shawn Gonyaw. 

“Since he’s been here, this program has expanded hugely,” said Persson.

For more on this innovative program, and the failed attempt at chopping wood from yours truly, watch the video below.