Barnet Teacher Wins Award

Barnet Gym Teacher GoodBarnet- A local physical education teacher will be heading down to Killington Resort in October to receive recognition after winning the S.H.A.P.E. (Society of Health and Physical Educators) Vermont Elementary Physical Educator of the Year Award. 

Eric Bogie, the Barnet School's Physical Education teacher, received the award about a week ago.

 "This is a huge honor, I was certainly shocked and surprised and quite humbled to say the least," said Bogie. "I'm just very touched and I feel like a huge part of my success if from the faculty, staff, administration, community members at the school because honestly I can't be who I am, this program can't be what it is without all their support."

This is not the first award that Bogie has been in consideration for. In 2011, he was nominated for the University of Vermont's Teacher of the Year Award. 

Many people, including those who witness Bogie's teaching first hand, attribute his success to his ability to connect with his students and keep them engaged and involved.

"I think the biggest thing that he does it that Eric cares about all of the kids. He knows all of their names, he knows their interests, he knows how to get them engaged during PE class," says Barnet School principal Shawn Gonyaw. "Students in his class are able to feel comfortable taking risks. Sometimes P.E. (Physical Education) is a little bit of a risky class, but he makes it accessible to everyone.

"I come in, I'm eager, I'm very much involved in the class, I'm part of it, I'm right in the center of everything that's happening. I'm very much a hands on teacher

The kids like his unique style of teaching, and the different activities he includes during their 45 minute class.

"I like that he doesn't just play tag or anything," said 6th grader Siri Jolliffe. "Usually teachers play dodgeball or stuff. He usually does activities. We did this relay game where we had to work together as a team, so we're not just playing games. We're actually kind of working together as a team.

"He knows a lot of different techniques for different games," said 7th grader Liam Ryan. "And not just games, he can make you really pay attention."

At the end of the day, all that matters to Bogie are his students.

"Students know that I absolutely love them. I just love the students," said Bogie. "I love coming to this school every day. I can't think of a single day that I do not want to come to the Barnet School." 

Bogie is also preparing to apply for the regional and national level awards, which the S.H.A.P.E. board highly recommends to all state winners. 

He will be heading down to Killington on October 20th to receive his award.


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