People's Climate March

CLIMATE MARCHWASHINGTON D.C - This past weekend, members of the Lyndon State College Climate Change Consensus went to the nation's capitol of Washington D.C to join th People's March on Climate Change.

The purpose of the event is to bring awareness to climate change as well as to pressure leaders, such as President Trump, during his first 100 days in office to take action on saving our planet. Upwards of about 150,000 people gathered in the streets of D.C to show their support in the fight. The march started at Union Square and ended in front of The White House.

"We are entering a climate system that humans have never seen before, it's kind of crazy to think that no one really cares about that, and to not think that is has an effect, because it will" said climate change activist and Lyndon State College student Nick Anastasi.

Advocates are not only concerned about themselves, but for future generations. Dr. Janel Hanrahan, Professor of Meteorology at Lyndon State College. is one of those who has concerns. "We got to let our kids voice their concerns. So many kids I talk to they say that they are concerned, and that their parents just shut them down."

The Climate Change Consensus group, in addition to marching, visits local schools in the Northeast Kingdom including Danville School where members of the group went to speak with students and teachers just after Earth Day. Supporters know this is just the beginning, and the fight for mother nature is far from over.

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